Ninnila Ninnila 2021 Hindi Dubbed Movie Free Download 480p

Ninnila Ninnila 2021 Hindi Dubbed Full Movies Download 480p

Ninnila Ninnila Full Movie Download in Hindi 480p

Comedy, Romance
Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi
Quality : WEB-DL
Initial release: 26 February 2021
Director: Ani Sasi
Producer: B. V. S. N. Prasad
Music director: Rajesh Murugesan
Writers: Ani. I.V. Sasi, Naga Chandu
Stars: Anna Acevedo, Tom Clegg, Cliff Dutton

Dev arrives in London to work in a restaurant. The restaurant named Amara is run by a head chef who is revered by everyone who works there. The head chef has never cooked in 15 years and judges any dish only by smell. Rajesh and Tara also work in the same restaurant. Dev who suffers from unexpected muscle spasms is a good cook too. He quickly impresses the head chef and all the others in the restaurant with his stealthy apt additions in other’s dishes.

One evening, Dev and Tara enter the restaurant’s cold store to keep ingredients. As the cold store has a faulty door, they put on a wedge to hold it. But the wedge is accidentally removed and the door is locked. Tara is furious over Dev for his incompetence to hold the door. They are stuck inside and slowly begin to suffer from hypothermia. After some time, Dev knocks on the jammed emergency button and the door is opened. Dev pulls out Tara who has become unconscious. As the restaurant is already locked from the outside, Dev cooks hot soup to give immediate relief to her. Tara likes the soup but asks him why he behaves oddly at times, moving involuntarily and speaking as if someone else is there.

Dev replies that he had a friend named Maya since his childhood. They grew up together and always had each other’s back. Since their childhood, Maya loved to eat the food made by Dev and Dev says it is to feed her tasty food that he learnt cooking. Maya died five years ago in an accident, nevertheless, he could always see her since then. While doctors say that muscle spams and insomnia are side effects of the treatment to his hallucination, Dev believes it is Maya who always interacts with him. Tara is surprised to know but starts to understand Dev.

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