Alien Siege 2018 Full Movie Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed 480p

Alien Siege 2018 Full Movie Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed 480p

Alien Siege Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed 480p

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Size: 300mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality : Bluray
Initial release: 26 February 2005
Director: Robert Stadd
Original release: February 26, 2005
Network: Syfy
Writers: Mark Atkins, Christian Butcher
Stars: Arielle Hader, Matthew Pohlkamp, Christina Licciardi
Screenplay: Robert Stadd, Bill Lundy, Paul Salamoff, Ian Valentine

An alien species called the Kulku demand that eight million human beings be handed over to them to produce a cure for the virus that is killing them. In return, the Kuklu promise not to wipe out the planet and take what they want. While other countries empty their prisons to try to meet their quotas, the U.S. holds a lottery. One of the 8 million humans selected is Dr. Stephen Chase’s daughter, Heather. Dr. Chase tries to interfere with the Kulku’s plan by joining the human resistance and killing as many of the Kulku as possible.

The resistance has some success using a weapon he designs, but Heather is captured and taken to the Kulku mothership in orbit where they discover that just a little bit of her blood (rather than the entirety of it as with other human beings) is enough to cure one Kulku. Jal, the Kulku ambassador, prepares to send her to Kulku. He plans to destroy the Earth with the Kulku’s “Raeg” weapon, which will allow her to travel to the Kulku homeworld alive. Meanwhile, after the Kulku start just harvesting humans, U.S. Army forces under Major General Skyler, formerly an enemy to the resistance despite being sympathetic, join forces with the resistance to stop the Kulku.

Using an observatory’s telescope as a modified version of Chase’s weapon, the resistance prepares to use the weapon to destroy the Raeg and save the Earth, but a traitor reveals their plans to Kor, a Kulku sympathetic to humanity’s plight, but unwilling to sacrifice his own race. Kor lands a strike team at the observatory to stop the resistance and Chase uses the opportunity to board Kor’s ship and force him to fly him to the Kulku mothership to rescue Heather.

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